The Vision & Mission

The culture of a Favorite (Fāv•or•īte) is that a life is worth protecting and worth respecting. Even the word favorite is understood as one preferred above all others or more valuable than all others. Consider this truth that not one single human can be replicated. Humans are produced one after the other with similar features and capabilities to their ancestors, but never an exact replica. For this reason, we are all priceless, irreplaceable, one of a kind, and worth protecting. We should live to show favor to each other as we are the only version and model of ourselves, and any harm to our person could result in nothing like us ever existing again, individually. We should be willing to inconvenience ourselves for one another and preserve one another, as we ourselves continue to be preserved at the inconvenience of others.


People go through a lot and might not feel valuable or favored, which can lead to them harming themselves through alcoholism, drugs, immorality, and suicide. On the other hand, some people might not view others as valuable or favored, which can make it easier for them to cause harm to others.


If everyone could see the value and favor on each other's lives, it would result in creating a society of freedom, kindness, beauty, and compassion. We shouldn't watch people being harmed and video record it while laughing, nor allow people to be bullied, trafficked, or degraded. Now is the time to deliver the message to each other that you are worth protecting and worth respecting.


We are all of great value. Things of great value are treated much differently than what is considered common. It is worth great inconvenience to continue to care for something valuable. Much like a museum where a priceless exhibit is on display, or think of land that is rich with resources and livestock, in either case it becomes the passion of the owner to contain those possessions in highly protected spaces.


Are you a Favorite? Of course! Join the movement and mission! Show grace. Show favor. Protect each other. Serve one another. Be empowered by this fresh apparel brought to you by Favorite Society. 


We pray that it becomes an instrument to give you an opportunity to pour into someone's life and bring them a powerful message about how valuable they are and how much favor you have experienced. May grace and favor be with you all!