About Us

Many people struggle with self-worth and identity. There's a desire within them to truly know who and what they really are. And the truth is, we have all been favored by God. So just as an Israelite is a product of Israel, a Favorite (Favorīte) is a product of favor.

Favorite Society is a society of people who have experienced favor, continue to experience favor, and extend favor to others. It's like an ethnicity or nationality. We promote showing people that they are priceless and worth protecting. Wearing Favorite Society apparel and proclaiming that you are a Favorite, professes your inner confidence of self-value to yourself and to others. Even if no one were to treat you as favored, God still will. There is no time or point in your life where you are worthless. 

People will ask what the words or logo means on your clothing, and that is a perfect time to let them know! See our website's "Why Favorite Society?" page for a deeper break down of the name and logo. God bless, and remember, favored people favor people!


-Favorite Society