What Is Favorite Society?

Favorite Society is a faith-based community organization and lifestyle brand that connects with and equips youth and adults to get them familiar with and confident in their God-given identity and purpose.

What Is A Favorite?

Everyone that has been born has experienced God's favor and is worth respecting and protecting. Just as a person within the nation of Israel is an Israelite, a person within the favor of God is a Favorite.

The Value Of A Favorite

Consider this truth that not one single human can be replicated. Humans are produced one after the other with similar features and capabilities to their ancestors, but never an exact replica. For this reason, we are all priceless, irreplaceable, one of a kind, and worth protecting. We should show favor to each other as we are the only version and model of ourselves, and any harm to our being could result in nothing like us ever existing again, individually. We should be willing to inconvenience ourselves for one another and preserve one another, as we ourselves continue to be preserved at the inconvenience of others.

The Benefit Of Being A Favorite

People go through a lot and might not feel valuable or favored, which can lead to them harming themselves through alcoholism, drugs, immorality, and worse.

On the other hand, some people might not view others as valuable or favored, which can make it easier for them to cause harm to others. If everyone could see the value and favor on each other's lives, it could cultivate a society of freedom; safety, kindness, and compassion.

Our Mission

Our mission is helping people understand, accept, and proclaim that they are favored by God and worth respecting and protecting.

Our Vision

A generation with a clarified and confident understanding of identity, purpose, and self value emerging out of a generation riddled with depression, abuse, and abandonment. This generation makes up our present and future families and workforces.

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