Self-Care Tips: Three Things You Must Have!

Mental Health has been an aggressively trending topic lately and is very important. Stress, depression, and abuse are very prevalent today as well. As we battle these things today it's important to have a proper sense of identity. Not knowing who you are or what your purpose is will have you traveling down many wrong roads in life, carrying the baggage of unsurety, anxiety, and hopelessness.


There are 3 things you must posses in these times, better yet, at all times. Without them, life can be a very dangerous and rough road.


Firstly, you must have favor. Whether or not you receive favor from people is neither here nor there. The important thing is knowing that you have favor from God. We all do. You have it whether you believe or not. You are God's favorite and He doesn't have just one favorite. We are all His favorites. Believing you are the favorite pick of God while also believing you aren't of any real value or purpose is very difficult to do because they conflict with each other. Knowing you were purposely invented by God is very important. 


Secondly, you must have faith. Know that you can't posses faith without God first favoring you enough to allow you to exist. Now that you exist, you must have faith in the promised outcomes that have been declared by God for you. If God promised it to you, it will be. Worry will not change God's made up mind, so there's no real place for anxiety, except for if you step outside of the identity and purpose God has given you. If God said certain intense situations will be alright, there's no need for you to temporarily make it alright yourself (through drugs, food, alcohol, or activities) only to end up back in the same situation when those temporary fixes wear off. If God promised it, He is not a liar, and it will come to pass. Keep and guard your faith.


Thirdly, you must have focus. Being mentally scattered all over the place is very unhealthy and dangerous. You must have some type of assurance in life. God gives us assuranc in His ability to hold us up through all hurt, harm, and danger. You must keep focus on the direction you are headed in, which should be towards the purpose and outcome God has promised you. Taking your eyes off of that prize is very costly. We must be disciplined in our daily lives, avoiding distractions, instant gratification, and temporary fulfillment. Keep laser focus on what God has set out for you and on what God says you are. They say you can't throw rocks at every dog that barks at you. You'll never get to where you are going. Keep the main thing the main thing or else you can end up being unsure of your favor and your faith.


Favor, faith, and focus are the three things you must have in practicing selfcare and setting proper boundaries for your healing and your mission. Enjoy a new #FavorFaithFocus t-shirt or hoodie, along with many other items coming soon at Listen to, like, comment on, and share the new title track #FavorFaithFocus by Skill Tha Lightmare and be blessed beyond measure. Shalom.




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